Reflection: Transitions Looking at Real Bears - Section 3: Guided Practice


Like I mentioned in the guided practice, my students probably could have found the Scholastic News website faster than I could show them.  However, it was important that they all know how to get back to it in the event it got totally logged out of during a transition.

To help me monitor all the computers in my class, I find the one student who knows a little bit more than the other children and train him/her how to do the things that seem to get changed or lost the most; such as adjust the sound or get back on the web page.  I also train this student how to get less independent students into their individual computer programs we use such Accelerated Reader and Imagine Learning.  This way I am taken away from the groups I am working with fewer times.

  Students and Technology
  Transitions: Students and Technology
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Looking at Real Bears

Unit 1: Events and Characters
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify facts about bears and describe those facts in their journals

Big Idea: Today it's all about the facts

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