Reflection: Rigor The Barn: The Place Where It All Happens - Section 6: Independent Writing: Creating A Sense A Place


I was excited to do a close reading of the two paragraphs with my students. I was hoping they shared my enthusiasm. Luckily for me the the preparation paid off. The two power points for the paragraphs helped to strengthen their understanding of the paragraphs. I have English Language Learners and many of the objects described in the paragraphs seemed foreign to them. I shared the power points only after we analyzed the paragraphs.

I mention this because I believe showing them the power points helped to think about the objects they were going to include in their writing.

I noticed my students were happy about writing a descriptive paragraph about their chosen place. The scaffolding I provided helped them be clear about what was expected. I felt strongly about providing them with the sentence patterns and about making the structure in that E.B. White explicit to them. My students were proud to be writing like the author.

With this structure, I feel the students were free to be creative yet maintain a particular flow that asked them to write elaborated descriptive sentences. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their soft room, a room to play in, a playground and a garden to name a few. I feel my students students were able to capture the warmth of their special places, and create a sense of place in their writing, just as E.B. White does so masterfully.

I look forward to their revisions and publication of their writing pieces.

  Rigor: Creating A Sense of Place
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The Barn: The Place Where It All Happens

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how an author uses language to describe a central setting.

Big Idea: The author uses particular language to create a sense of place.

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