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I always have my students share.  I didn't this time and my students asked me before they left why they didn't get to share.  This goes to show that students value and appreciate routines!! They were a little disappointed that we didn't have time to share, so I gave them a chance later in the day.

It was a funny situation- they complained incessantly about doing this writing assignment so I thought they'd be glad to be done and forget about it.  Not so much!!  Let this be a lesson to me- routines are not meant to be broken and never assume what my students want.  I always include them in decision making except for this one time. Now I know better!!

  Reflection: Sharing
  Student Ownership: Reflection: Sharing
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Tell Me About It: Writing a Personal Narrative Final Copy

Unit 21: Writing Personal Narratives With Patricia Polacco
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT produce a piece of writing that is error free and follows the format of a personal narrative.

Big Idea: Being able to produce error free writing is an essential life skill.

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