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When I ask my students to create something visual for a project, I like to tease them with all the art supplies I possess in the room and allow them to "pick their poison."  This has worked well in the past, as seen in the student work samples in this lesson.

Today was no different.  I placed any and all art supplies in the center of the room and my students sprung into action.  Some chose to work on small, easy-to-control "canvases," while others went directly to the roll of butcher paper.  Some began careful, colored pencil sketches of the scene, while others grabbed the crayons and went for bold colors.

Choice whenever possible is essential for student growth, whether students are choosing crayons over colored pencils, or selecting a theme to defend in an essay, for with choice comes ownership over their learning.  My advice to all teachers of students at any age is to make choice a constant in the classroom.

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  Student Ownership: They're Just Getting Warmed Up . . .
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Focus on Setting

Unit 7: Of Mice and Men Part I
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Having read chapter one of Of Mice and Men, SWBAT create visual representations of the setting in order to make possible inferences about its contribution to the text.

Big Idea: Students take "asking why" into their own hands and onto the road of discovery.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Reading Fluency, Vocabulary, setting, character analysis
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