Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Should Shakespeare be Required Reading? Let's Debate! Day 2 - Section 3: The Debate!


Even after teaching in the classroom for over fifteen years, sometimes I am amazed at how much I still need to learn.  For example, I have had countless classroom debates over the years, and they have all pretty much devolved into some version of the Jerry Springer Show.  I have tried grading them, using different rubrics, but I have never felt IN CONTROL.  In fact, I avoided debates as much as possible, even though the kids often asked for them.

Now, some of my change of heart was motivated by pure luck.  I stumbled on the website at at time when I could actually read it over and think about it.  And - duh - I realized that I hadn't given the students any tools to really self-regulate during debates.  Debates were exhausting for me because I was constantly having to bring "order in the court."

Granted, I had to spend a solid 90 minutes or so training the kids (which meant that I had to prep myself well enough to keep everything straight and SIMPLE, which is the hardest thing to do.)  But, wow.  It really paid off. 


  The Importance of Structure (Duh!)
  Adjustments to Practice: The Importance of Structure (Duh!)
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Should Shakespeare be Required Reading? Let's Debate! Day 2

Unit 8: Twelfth Night, or What you Will
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT develop arguments using assertions, reasoning, and evidence in support of a point of view.

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