Reflection: Gradual Release Cookie Mysteries - Section 2: Opening Discussion


The beauty of using whiteboards with young children is that all of them can stay with you on the rug and use them. As you can see from the Student Whiteboard Strategies video attached to this section, it is so easy for me to quickly scan the room and see how kids are solving.

Common Core emphasizes independence, and this is a great way to scaffold that independence for kids. Students are doing all of the heavy lifting-they are solving the problem on their own, representing their strategy and in most cases adding words and numbers to their whiteboards to further explain their thinking. But they are doing all of this in a controlled environment-I am very close by and our anchor chart is front and center. I can quickly address any misconceptions they are having. 

I use whiteboards as often as possible-they provide a great way to gradually release responsibility!

  Using Whiteboards
  Gradual Release: Using Whiteboards
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Cookie Mysteries

Unit 11: Missing Parts: Unknowns in All Positions
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explain their strategies for solving a missing whole subtraction story.

Big Idea: I use the element of mystery to get kids excited to figure out how many cookies I have to start with!

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