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Lately, there has been a lot of push back from parents and teachers from other content areas having to do with the subject of silent reading. I think public perception of classroom time designated to silent reading goes something like this: kids sleeping or staring lazily at a book, teacher sitting at her desk with her feet up, perhaps reading a magazine, possibly surfing the internet.

I am actively trying to fight this stereotype. In my classroom, silent reading time is sacred. Students beg for this time. They use it to meet their individualized reading goals. I use it to confer with students one on one around concepts introduced in class, as well as clear up misconceptions having to do with their independent reading. It is a buzzing, productive time in my classroom. Once in a blue moon I will use this time to do a little independent reading myself. In order to model the behavior and selfishly enjoy a great book. But these moments are few and far between.

  Silent reading does serve a purpose!
  Conferencing: Silent reading does serve a purpose!
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First Day of Poetry Discussion

Unit 4: Poetry Madness!
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT discuss and locate poetic devices in two the poems "Living with Mistakes" & "Legacies."

Big Idea: This is the first day of the tournament. Students will vote for their favorite poem today to kick off the unit.

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