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This is a lesson that is really an assessment. Although I'm not actively teaching students how to do something, I am reminding them of knowledge that they should already have about writing. Its a fine balance of encouraging students to reflect on what they already know and encourage them to use that knowledge while at the same time, really seeing what they can do before you teach them specific skills.

For example, some students have heard of the writing process and some have not, even though they participated in parts of the process in previous school years. Some of them know that writers work on and change parts of their writing, this is called revision.

  A Time to Teach, a Time to Assess
  Pre-Tests: A Time to Teach, a Time to Assess
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The Writing Process through Assessment

Unit 14: Developing Writing
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Objective: SWBAT use the 5 part writing process (brainstorm/prewrite, draft, revise, edit, publish) in a quick write of a personal narrative.

Big Idea: Third graders are expected to use beginning skills of writing through the writing process when write a short story. This lesson provides an opportunity to review the writing process before having to write a story.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Fourth Grade, narrative, peer review, Writing Assessment
  75 minutes
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