Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Introducing the Dialectic Journal - Section 3: Journal Entry Sharing


I was very impressed by what my students shared from their dialectic journals today.  Entries ranged from passages that indicate that George really cares for Lennie ("First chance I get I'll give you a pup") to the hint of foreshadowing ("Hide in the brush till I come for you. Can you remember that?"). Overall, I was encouraged by my students' abilities to apply what they have learned throughout the year as close readers and to produce some very sound inferences.  

Today's experience reminds me that there's really no such thing as hitting a topic too hard with students.  However tempting it may be for me to think "They've got this, I can back off, I don't need to ask 'what can be inferred by . . . '", today was evidence of the fruit of my relentless labor.  It proved to me that if I continue to "talk the talk," that "talk" eventually becomes second nature to my students, and that is a beautiful thing to witness.


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  Student Led Inquiry: What Students Shared
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Introducing the Dialectic Journal

Unit 7: Of Mice and Men Part I
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT utilize the skill of the dialectic journal in order to determine what is important in chapter one of Of Mice and Men.

Big Idea: Putting students in charge of determining what is important in a text.

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