Reflection: Rigor How Many Bananas? A Word Problem - Section 3: How Many Bananas? Partner Work


To adjust the rigor as needed for students, changing the beginning number of bananas or changing the problem so that it is a multi-step word problem (e.g., how many bananas will the monkey eat in a month) are easy options to create. 

The problem could also include two monkeys sharing the sixty-four bananas equally.  There are many options to change the rigor of the lesson to meet the numeracy and strategies levels of the students.  

  Adjustments to the Task
  Rigor: Adjustments to the Task
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How Many Bananas? A Word Problem

Unit 5: Division
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to divide to show half of a remaining amount in a word problem.

Big Idea: Using number lines to show measurement division helps students determine how many groups.

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Math, division, Number lines, Critical Area, word problems
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