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I have found the presentations can be very challenging for the ELL students in my classroom.  One of the most effective strategies for my students is to create sentence stems for them to use during their presentations based on the six steps for solving the problem.  For my students, I included, 

"The question from the problem was __________."  

"Our model used ________ to show _________." 

"Our strategy worked because _____________."

The number of sentence stems and information should be determined by the language levels and abilities of the students in the classroom.  Students with lower abilities may require more information in the sentence stems, and students with higher language levels can be provided with more stems with less information.  

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  ELL Students: Sentence Stems
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Fun Park Rides! A Word Problem

Unit 5: Division
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT represent and solve word problems involving multiplication and division using models and explain their thinking.

Big Idea: Students will be gain an understanding of division through partitioning by creating equal sized groups.

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Math, Number lines , division, Critical Area
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