Reflection: High Expectations Selecting Your Expertise Book and Outlining the “Opening Matter” - Section 2: Selecting Your "Expertise" Book


As I alluded to in the video for this section, I have created the activities for the "expertise" book for two primary reasons: the CCSS and actual college-ready research expectations.  The CCSS seems to clearly challenge us -- as English teachers -- to raise expectations for reading among our students.  

While I do respect the nationwide efforts to increase the interest in reading, I find that it can come at the expense of reading rigor.  It is great (I suppose) that students are reading YA, but then when will they read books for actual adults?  (I don't mean to sound elitist here, and I do think a great deal of YA is every bit as good as a Pulitzer prize winning work of fiction ... but generally speaking YA is formulaic and weak at introducing sophisticated vocabulary.

Furthermore, I felt it very important that students have a "college-ready" research experience rather than the complete reliance on databases with limited content (aka. the "high school editions" of popular re-searchable content).

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Selecting Your Expertise Book and Outlining the “Opening Matter”

Unit 11: Developing One’s Expertise in The Argument of Fact
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Objective: SWBAT select a legitimate work of contemporary scholarship (a prize-winning work of non-fiction) that forms the basis of future research work and outline the argument and/or structure of the "opening matter" -- preface, preamble, forward, or introduction.

Big Idea: ... authentically utilizing an ACTUAL, bound work of non-fiction is a necessary college-ready research skill ...

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