Reflection: Complex Tasks Discovering the Unknown - Section 3: Independent Practice


This game provided a challenge to many of my students and I was able to see them solving each problem to complete their answers. I liked that the game provided a range of opportunities for them to add, subtract, find the missing addend, and the unknown whole number in a subtraction problem, so it covered both review topics and today's focus.

It was a challenge for them to tackle each problem with a different technique to solve and match answers. I would suggest having manipulatives or paper ready if anyone becomes overwhelmed or cannot solve using known facts, number line, fingers, or mental math. I would also suggest being aware of any students in your class who might not be able to handle all the different types of problems in the game and might need to be pulled for small group, targeted practice.

The picture shows two of my students working together to solve their problems.

  Complex Tasks: Built in Review
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Discovering the Unknown

Unit 11: Subtraction Strategies
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT determine the unknown whole number in a subtraction problem.

Big Idea: My First Graders have been working hard to learn multiple strategies to solve subtraction. This lesson will have them incorporate all those skills to solve for the unknown.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, First Grade, unknown whole number, Operations
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