Reflection: ELL Students Analyzing How Language Impacts Tone and Meaning - Section 1: Do Now: Pal, Friend, or Bestie?


Today was one of those days when students just flowed where I wanted them to go--and I let them. Great, right? For those students "in" on the conversation, sure. And yes, everyone was attentive, and, I therefore hope, learning. But really, it wasn't all that great.

Because of the speed of sharing, the natural discussion-like flow, some voices never got a chance to be heard. My students who took longer to process their own thoughts were left behind in participation.

Now, one moment of this lapse of opportunity isn't going to damage anyone, but continued? Well, it allows students who take longer to process to "give up" and "sit back." That's not okay with me. That's why I try to use a mix of discussion formats.

When I call on a variety of students, I help those who take longer to process still have a voice. When I don't call on students, I allow my quick thinkers to feel fulfilled and engaged. It's all about finding a balance so that all student needs are met.

  A Chance to Participate
  ELL Students: A Chance to Participate
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Analyzing How Language Impacts Tone and Meaning

Unit 3: Text Structure and Language Use in Literature
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze how language impacts tone and meaning by collaborating in a study of their novels.

Big Idea: Dialect? Imagery? Letters to God? Language choice matters!

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