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The launch section usually runs smooth, but with the application section, I found that with some students it was a good idea to have them answer and discuss these "readiness questions". They will refresh some basic ideas that will make the application section smoother. Answering these without discussion and probing is pointless. I found quite a few students with uncertainties and was glad I made them up and discussed them. 

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  Diverse Entry Points: Readiness questions
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Two Variable Inequalities

Unit 3: Relationships between Quantities/Reasoning with Equations
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT graph the solutions to a linear inequality modeling real world situations.

Big Idea: Knowing how to graph two variable inequalities is sooo significant! Sooo many real world circumstances can be modeled with inequalities. Sooo….let’s get with it!

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Math, Algebra, Inequalities (Algebra), Expressions (Algebra), Graphing, inequalities, Real world problems, Sketchpad, equation, constraints
  75 minutes
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