Reflection: Standards Alignment 'Prezi'nt Images About Citizenship - Section 5: Create a Citizenship Project


Some of my students got ready to make a poster, but couldn't remember the ideas of citizenship. I asked the class....'what should we do - we have forgotten some of the ideas about what citizenship means.... is there a place that we could find that information?'

The kids volunteered ideas, but ultimately one or two suggested that we should go back to the text. We had a short discussion about this great idea. When we are unsure of what we read or we can't quite remember all of the concepts, we should return to the book. Here's our discussion about going back to the text for details.

  Standards Alignment: Go back to the text.....
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'Prezi'nt Images About Citizenship

Unit 10: Imaging & Visualizing - Can You Make a Picture In Your Head?
Lesson 19 of 19

Objective: SWBAT describe the connection between ideas by creating an image using various informational text features in the text.

Big Idea: Make a Prezi image to show you understand what you read.

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Social Studies, Reading, main idea, Fiction (Reading), visualizing, 2nd Grade, key details, ipad, imaging, Prezi, citizenship
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