Reflection: Diverse Entry Points The King's Taxation M & M's - Section 1: Rules of Play


I think it is important to use some selectivity in choosing who gets each part in this activity. I had a bit of a difficult time with this because I really wanted my students to believe that they had random choice in their task selection. On the other hand I also wanted some students who are consistently shy or submissive to have lead roles to feel the importance. To do this I had some cards marked with a small x in the corner and placed them on top when I pretended to mix the cards in my basket when I went near these special students. Not all got the cards I wanted but 4 out of the 6 did - I guess luck was still involved.

This process helped my shy students to feel involved in the learning which made them focus more on what was happening around them - fun+involvement = improved understanding

My over-active students or easily off task ones held positions that kept them involved in others learning - tax collectors - to keep and hold their focus with active learning (walking and counting)

My lower motivation were either Parliament - sense of power/ or colonists - sense of loss which made them curious and involved in the learning

My one who has a bit of all three played the king and learned most from the oral debates he had to field from the colonists at the end of the activity

This activity helps them connect to the unfairness the colonists felt in regards to the taxation, but the effectiveness of the role playing taught me that it is important to section students per personality. 

  student task selection
  Diverse Entry Points: student task selection
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The King's Taxation M & M's

Unit 4: Our American's Revolution - A Time For Change
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Objective: SWBAT...complete an activity using M & M candies to realize the depth of taxation by the British and the effects on the colonists decision to establish their own government

Big Idea: It is not until you have lived through difficult times that you can fully understand them.

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