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I love that my students had a great time with this activity, but I also realize that my purpose is to educate and insure that my students have the knowledge of the subject matter. That's why I had them complete the review page and questions. Positive was that I could determine where they were at and what I needed to review with those who had lower understanding - negative was that it took a longer period of time to complete. I debated splitting it into two days but felt a need to give them the advantage of using their current understanding gained from the play to help with their responses. This also gave me a way to compare my own notes with their responses on who paid attention and had good listening skills and who did not.

You could also give them a shorter exit ticket on info from the play to see who was listening and learned, too:)  

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Comprehension through Performance: How was Tea Involved in the Boston Massacre?

Unit 4: Our American's Revolution - A Time For Change
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Objective: SWBAT comprehend the growing tensions between the colonists and the British by acting out and discussing the play, "The Boston Tea Party."

Big Idea: Students learn about the Boston Tea Party through acting out the scenes. Learning comes from taking on the persona and narratives of each person and from viewing others performances.

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