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The students enjoy creative writing, and giving them a goal of including inferences that other's will have to determine just increases their interest.  Some retold traditional stories, others wanted to come up with original ideas, but each was fascinating in its own way.  They really got into writing inference questions, and especially wanted to stump classmates who randomly ended up with their story and possible inference questions.  What they found more often than expected, was that the questions were knowledge based.  When I heard a student complain that they only had "questions with answers," it was a cool moment.  They know how to identify inferences questions, even if they still have some difficulty writing them.

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Inference Practice and Creative Writing

Unit 11: Inference Fiesta
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: TSWBAT create and inference based story after practicing the skill.

Big Idea: Many reasons for many actions. Write them down!

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