Reflection: Joy Thought Bubbles - Section 1: Hook and Objective


The magic spell was an incredibly strong hook in this lesson! Students were totally invested in the idea of being able to read each other's minds. I only wish I had a fake magic ball; they would have rolled laughing!

I truly believe that sometimes all it takes it a strong hook to make the lesson real to kids. The hook gives kids an opportunity to connect with the material. They don't do the work just because you tell them to, they do it because they are invested in learning it. In this case, I used magic, but I often use real everyday occurrences and they work just as well-basketball games, picnics, field trips, etc. All of these scenarios allow kids a chance to be kids and use their imagination! 

  Strong Hook
  Joy: Strong Hook
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Thought Bubbles

Unit 8: Understanding Equality
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT determine if an explanation of equality is true or false.

Big Idea: Students apply what they know about the equal sign to "critique the reasoning of others" in this closing lesson!

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