Reflection: Modeling Using Video Shorts: From my Perspective (Day 4/5) - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


This is not our first experience working with point of view. During another lesson using a picture book, the students in one of my classes couldn’t quite grasp the idea that a story changed when told by different characters. And not just the mere words (instead of saying “he,” maybe it now says “I”), but that the actual events might change. So when we completed this activity, I eliminated the option of choosing the anonymous character and instead used it to model. This allowed students to be much more successful in completing today’s activity. Not only did they have a completed version to use as a model, but also they were left with more concrete characters as choices for their point of view. 

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Using Video Shorts: From my Perspective (Day 4/5)

Unit 11: Mastering Fiction Elements through Photos, Videos, and Text
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT rewrite the story of a short video through one character's point of view.

Big Idea: Students use their work to tell the story of our video through the eyes of one of the four characters.

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English / Language Arts, character action, Genres (Reading), Fiction (Reading), fiction elements, character traits, film, physical description, inference, point of view
  40 minutes
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