Reflection: Flexibility Using Video Shorts: Point of View Practice (Day 3/5) - Section 3: Point of View Practice


Should you choose to use this video with this lesson, you certainly do not need to use the same stopping points that I did. I chose these four moments for two reasons. First, new characters are added with nearly every stopping point. We begin with just two characters and by the end are considering the thoughts of all four characters. You could also use this strategy by choosing a point at the very beginning where students consider only the little girl’s thoughts and then select moments that add just one character at a time. Second, I selected these moments because there were evidences of emotions shown by each character involved (except for the anonymous character, of course). As this activity may have been challenging, I wanted to provide as much support as possible and chose moments where students could easily decode the characters thoughts or feelings. Again, this short little video is full of “teachable moments”; feel free to choose what will work best for your students!


  Stopping Points
  Flexibility: Stopping Points
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Using Video Shorts: Point of View Practice (Day 3/5)

Unit 11: Mastering Fiction Elements through Photos, Videos, and Text
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT record the thoughts of four characters while viewing a short film.

Big Idea: To begin thinking about how point of view changes a story, students put themselves in the shoes of four characters at specific moments in a film and record what they might be thinking.

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English / Language Arts, character action, Genres (Reading), Fiction (Reading), fiction elements, character traits, film, physical description, inference, point of view
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