Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Two Variable Inequalities - Section 3: CLOSURE


When teaching this lesson, I gave each individual student a closure sheet to do independently. This was actually not emphasized in the lesson. I think the closure should give us feedback on how far each student grasped the content objectives. 

I also labeled the steps in the first column of the chart A through F, so that students wouldn't need to literally write each step in order, in the second column. This speeds up this section a whole lot. 


  An adjustment for Closure section
  Adjustments to Practice: An adjustment for Closure section
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Two Variable Inequalities

Unit 3: Relationships between Quantities/Reasoning with Equations
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT graph the solutions to a linear inequality modeling real world situations.

Big Idea: Knowing how to graph two variable inequalities is sooo significant! Sooo many real world circumstances can be modeled with inequalities. Sooo….let’s get with it!

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Math, Algebra, Inequalities (Algebra), Expressions (Algebra), Graphing, inequalities, Real world problems, Sketchpad, equation, constraints
  75 minutes
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