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The standards encourage us to use much more informational text in our study. The students need to learn how to 'read for information' and ultimately 'read to learn'.  This is a new concept for 2nd graders and it's well worth the time spent to teach them how to read this kind of text. Kids often read informational text like literature, ignoring the text features and looking for a story. 

I have found, while delving into the Common Core and introducing more informational text, that my kids LOVE this kind of text. It is fascinating to them to read about rockets, animals, history, and other topics.

While reading and talking, discussions may lead us off track. Some of my students had questions about the 'stars.' Here are their questions about stars and symbols. It's worth taking the time to get off topic and answer student questions, but try not to get too far off track.

  Lesson Planning: Social Studies or Reading? How much time do you spend on concepts?
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Text Features - Make An Image In Our Minds!

Unit 10: Imaging & Visualizing - Can You Make a Picture In Your Head?
Lesson 17 of 19

Objective: SWBAT examine the text features to see what information they contribute to comprehension of the text.

Big Idea: Those text features have lots of good information!

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