Reflection: Rules and Consequences 1080 Stomps and Angles in Circles - Section 2: Class Notes and Practice


This year, I have a wonderful, yet challenging student, who I will call Evan.  Evan has a very hard time focusing in class and also keeping his personal thoughts to himself.  This behavior is highly distracting for all of the students in my class, and also, for me.  I have spoken to his family and have given him after school detentions, which have been helpful but not completely effective in curbing these behaviors.

One strategy that I use is sticky notes to help Evan record his thoughts.  This example, Behavior Management example, shows what Evan wrote the first day using his sticky notes.  And although his behavior was not perfect, I think that it did help him to have an outlet to voice his opinions and concerns.  I am going to chronicle this behavior in a future reflection to record this progress.

  Rules and Consequences: Strategies for Disruptive Behaviors
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1080 Stomps and Angles in Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and apply concepts of central angles to real-world problems.

Big Idea: This lesson connects snowboarding with degrees in circles and also asks students to explore angles in circles using a hands-on folding activity.

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snowboarding for 1080 stomps lesson
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