Reflection: Continuous Assessment Introducing Of Mice and Men - Section 2: Memoir Collection


If the shared memoirs are any indication, then my expectations for improved narrative writing is looking fulfilled! In each class today, the work that was shared out loud was terrific, showing signs of careful attention to detail and strong development of voice and tone.  Memories covered were varied, from learning the identity of a real father, to traveling in Tuscany, to a day at the beach.  In each instance, both my students and I were able to provide specific feedback to the writers on just what was working in their pieces.

Overall, this has been a good day for eighth-grade writing!

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  Continuous Assessment: Wow! That Was Really Good!
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Introducing Of Mice and Men

Unit 7: Of Mice and Men Part I
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT view a mini documentary on the historical context of Of Mice and Men and answer a series of questions about the information provided in the documentary.

Big Idea: Establishing the necessary context for successful reading comprehension.

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English / Language Arts, Vocabulary, Reading, Reading Fluency, memoir, historical background, character analysis
  70 minutes
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