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While writing I noticed many of my students were having trouble using pronouns correctly. It was greater than a few students, I felt a lesson would be more beneficial to their understanding. When checking their writing, the mistake that stood out the most, was not capitalizing I. I met with these students and the correction was not occurring. I also began to notice that other pronouns were being misused. Some students do not use them very often and I have a few that overuse them. The overuse of pronouns makes it difficult to understand their writing. Students know what they are saying, but often forget that their audience might not follow their thoughts. 

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Taking Places: Personal Pronouns

Unit 11: Grammar Lessons
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write personal pronouns in the place for specific nouns.

Big Idea: In writing, the use of pronouns can be tricky for students. Sometimes they use too many or too few. This lesson has them practice different pronouns and understand their purpose in writing.

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