Reflection: Student Ownership Transforming the Classroom into a Jazz Club: Analyzing "Jazzonia" and Writing Musical Poetry - Section 5: Wrap Up


Sharing their poems was a summarizing activity that I had hoped we had more time to complete. Because of the fullness of the lesson, some students did not have enough time to complete their poems while others did not want to read them out loud or in the case of the video clip I included, asked another classmate to read it for him SL.9-10.4.

I was encouraged by the students engagement and attributed it to jazz club experience during the beginning of the lesson.  As I said this lesson took time coordinating the different aspects of it but it was worth the time which offered these students a novel experience of the unit we are covering.  I understand that most teachers do not have the convenience of getting a jazz band to play in their classrooms but one alternative could be showing a film clip of a 1930's jazz  band playing on the screen while the lights are low, and students engage in social talk not unlike the jazz clubs of that time.  

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Transforming the Classroom into a Jazz Club: Analyzing "Jazzonia" and Writing Musical Poetry

Unit 2: An Introduction to Harlem Renaissance Writers: Critical and Creative Reading and Writing
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the poem Jazzonia for techniques used to create tone and mood by citing evidence to support their analysis. SWBAT write a short poem about their favorite type of music by employing the techniques and poetic devices that Harlem Renaissance poets used.

Big Idea: Creating a classroom Jazz Cafe makes the Harlem Renaissance come to life!

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