Reflection: Accountability Reading and Writing Numbers: I Own This Standard! - Section 1: Math Power: Looking at our past and present work.


One of the biggest realizations I have had over the years is the amount of power a student gains when they are allowed and encouraged to participate and take ownership of that goal in every step of mastering it. It makes sense to me then that they should be allowed to examine their progress after every exam and see if they have achieved their goals. I love to build up their confidence by allowing them to see past work and compare it with current. Pre-tests and pre-quizzes help my students assess themselves if I allow the time in our classwork to do so.  I think that the more we talk to kids about mastering standards through looking at their progress, instead of striving to merely get good grades, the more valuable their education becomes to them. As we transition, I am not afraid to re-write, simplify and give more quizzes that are shorter or give them more often, if I see the need to adjust my practice. Pre CCSS Math units used to be so long! With the importance placed on mastering the standards, our fourth grade team has decided to allow students to retake quizzes because is a great way to build test taking confidence and help them master the skill.For instance, if a student gets below 70%, I require them to take it again. I develop the remediation practice for them individually, have them practice some more and then re-give them their quiz. I allow them to take it as many times as they like as long as it is done before the test. The test can only be taken once, unless special circumstances warrant another chance. I am realizing that this is the beauty of Common Core because it nurtures that attitude of mastery!

 Results of the Post Quiz: This quiz revealed that several students needed to practice mainly on writing numbers in word form correctly and that the "common mistake" in expanded form is still showing up! This Educreations video shows you some examples as I comment on their progress.

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Reading and Writing Numbers: I Own This Standard!

Unit 11: Place Value
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Objective: SWBAT review their own math quiz and analyze their mastery of reading and writing whole digit numerals, number names and expanded form.

Big Idea: How do you know you've succeeded if you don't look back at where you started from? In this lesson, students learn to critique themselves and evaluate their own progress in mastering the reading and writing numbers .

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Math, Place Value, Number Sense and Operations, accountability, self assessment and reflection, collaboration, post quiz review, word form, standard form, expanded form
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