Reflection: Shared Expectations Discussing "Where's the Big Bad Wolf?" - Section 2: Reading and Discussing the Story


    I like to partner up my students so they are constantly working with someone new.  They are going to have to work with many different students over the course of their academic careers so I want to make them comfortable working with people who aren't necessarily their "best friends".  I have a file in the resource section that shows you lots of different ways that you can group students. I also have my partner picking cards.  Once I partner my students I have them decide who is Person 1 and who is Person 2.  Some students just like to take over the conversation and have lots to say.  Others are shy and don't really like to talk.  You may have ELL students or students with speech problems who do not like to speak in front of others.  You have to set up a culture of respect among all your students in the beginning of the year.  The Person 1 and 2 is a good strategy to use so students know that they have to take turns with both listening and speaking.  Everyone gets a turn to do everything, they know that they are responsible for their learning, and this also eliminates fighting in your classroom as well.

  Grouping Your Students
  Shared Expectations: Grouping Your Students
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Discussing "Where's the Big Bad Wolf?"

Unit 6: Comparing and Contrasting with the Three Little Pigs
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Objective: SWBAT describe the characters, setting, and key details in the story and help the teacher record the details on a circle map.

Big Idea: Today we are going to be "dissecting the story" so to speak. We are going to discuss the story in great detail so we can compare and contrast our two stories in our Day 3 lesson.

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