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"Gold Collar Jobs" is a routine that makes my classroom run more easily, while also providing students with a daily reminder of my high expectations.  I want my students to know that they aren't just kids but that they can grow up to be anything in the world they want... as long as they know what it is!  This exercise gives students a daily dose of tier two vocabulary and allows them to create a connection between words and their meanings.  In the end, this routine gives me and my students more bang for their buck!
I LOVE IT when someone comes into my classroom and hears my students talking about the zoologist or the botanist, the meteorologist or the maintenance crew for the day.  Adults and children alike are happily surprised to hear my students speaking this way and acting out those roles as they have learned the "job titles" for themselves.  These jobs, as I said, provide structure but they also give students pride in their daily work and "help" and they long to have an important position because of this; it's amazing!

  Creating an Culture of Learning
  Routines and Procedures: Creating an Culture of Learning
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Gold Collar Jobs

Unit 9: Language Skills
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Objective: SWBAT understand previously unknown words, connect them to their lives and, over time, will use them properly.

Big Idea: Keep your kids engaged by making them feel golden; all through the use of your classroom jobs!

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