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Much of the first half of my school year has been establishing a safe, and orderly environment. I have a diverse bunch of learners this year that require me to be very much a "mom" before a "teacher".

I believe that I must show my students the respect that I expect them to also show me. I have seen my students grow leaps and bounds emotionally and then academically. My students need to know that I will provide them with unique learning opportunities, times to be silly, and respect their differences in how they solve problems, the amount of work I give, and so on. I differentiate instruction and tasks by carefully pairing up students, cold calling, think pair share opportunities, and choice boards in which students choose a predetermined number of opportunities based on a larger set.

  Being Silly
  Trust and Respect: Being Silly
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Sensational Smoothies: Metric (Day 2)

Unit 5: Measurement
Lesson 10 of 16

Objective: SWBAT convert grams to kilograms, & solve multi-step, real world problems.

Big Idea: Help Amy make smoothies by converting grams to kilograms; you wouldn't want her smoothies to taste badly!

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