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As mentioned above, I allowed students who were finished to go ahead and test out ideas for other buildings, as long as they were on task and prepared to explain what they were testing out and discovering.  This student's idea about Internal Support for a Cylinder is an example of the kind of valuable thinking that can happen when students are given guided freedom.  In other words, he was free to explore with shapes, but it was guided by the expectation that I would be talking to him about shapes and 3d solids and he would need to be prepared to explain his thinking.  He took this to a place I wouldn't have considered going and it was one of those small, encouraging moments we are so lucky to have when we see students truly take responsibility for their own learning, which is ultimately one of the very most important things we can teach them to do!

  Lesson Planning: Making Discoveries
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Final Construction and the Building Inspection

Unit 11: Geometry in Architecture
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Objective: SWBAT use measurement skills and knowledge of rectangles to add pieces to an irregular 3 dimensional roof and will be visited by the building inspector!

Big Idea: Rectangles are an important part of many 3 dimensional solids.

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