Reflection: Intervention and Extension Building Tens at the Lego Factory - Section 4: Independent Practice


This lesson was a really fascinating one because I was able to spend so much time pushing my highest students. 

I was surprised by how quickly they took to figuring out how many legos they sold in total that day. To introduce this problem to them, I ended up keeping them in a small group on my carpet for about 5 minutes to explain their challenge and also to give them a few minutes to discuss with each other how they might go about solving the problem.

This ended up being invaluable. I didn't have any of my Group C go back and have the first grade blank stare. They all had a strategy they wanted to try right away. 

Most students built both others with base 10 blocks right away, and then combined them. Many of them knew to push the tens together and count them by tens before moving on to counting by ones. 


  Raising the Ceiling
  Intervention and Extension: Raising the Ceiling
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Building Tens at the Lego Factory

Unit 2: Count to 100 Every Day!
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT create a number using groups of tens and extra ones.

Big Idea: Students head to the Lego Factory to build orders using what they know about base ten!

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