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All year long, we have used color coding to highlight prefixes, root words, and suffixes on words to determine word meaning. My students have become quite accustomed to doing this in all subjects when reading. By establishing this routine early on in the year, many of my students now automatically highlight, box in, and circle parts of words when close reading. This is great, because they'll need to do this on their own during district benchmarks and state testing. Word study is just as important in math as it is in language arts. Students need practice with content and domain specific vocabulary, and they can even act out words and draw pictures to aid in comprehension.

  Word Study
  Routines and Procedures: Word Study
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Introduction to Metric (Day 1)

Unit 5: Measurement
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Objective: SWBAT convert among different-sized standard measurement units within the metric system and use these conversions in solving multi-step, real world problems.

Big Idea: Learn how King Henry met his demise, and solve some metric problems too!

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