Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Non-Fiction Exploring South Africa - Section 3: Preview the Map


It was important that students preview the map in order to familiarize themselves with Africa and the details provided.  Often, the maps they view are geographical but this addressed location details which assisted in answering the next questions. Although students should know how to read a variety of maps through their social studies class, I like to review this prior to state standardized tests because maps and charts are often included in this type of testing.


  How is this map different?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: How is this map different?
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Non-Fiction Exploring South Africa

Unit 4: Reading
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT independently read the non-fiction text, answer questions, and discuss reasons for eliminating incorrect answers.

Big Idea: Is reading a website different from other non-fiction reading?

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