Reflection: Essay Writing Paint a Picture with Your Words: Using a Mentor Text to Explore Sensory Details - Section 1: Using Your Senses


I've never used a mentor text in my writing lessons before.  I thought, for this time, since we're studying Patricia Polacco anyway, I would try it.  Meteor presents itself as a great mentor text for this assignment since it it an event that happened to someone and since there is such rich language in all the details.

My students struggle so much with adding details and I think it's mostly because they don't like to write so if they don't add details they'll be done that much quicker.  Taking the time to read this book with them and point out where the author used rich, descriptive language gave my students a chance to SEE with their minds what I've been asking them to do all quarter.  

I did see better details in their writing, but still not great development in that area.  One thing I do know is that finding a mentor text is the best link possible between telling my students what I want them to do and showing them!!  Love it!!

  Reflection: Mentor Texts
  Essay Writing: Reflection: Mentor Texts
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Paint a Picture with Your Words: Using a Mentor Text to Explore Sensory Details

Unit 21: Writing Personal Narratives With Patricia Polacco
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify instances where an author used words that appeal to their senses.

Big Idea: Studying a mentor text before writing will help students produce much stronger pieces of writing.

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