Reflection: Intervention and Extension One Fish, Two Fish, What to Do Fish? - Section 3: Assessment


My students have so much fun with each of the Dr. Seuss stories that they don't want it to end with the lesson itself.  I integrate many of the concepts into part of my classroom for the month of March.  My dramatic play area becomes the Seussville Cafe; my listening center and reading corner are filled with Dr.Seuss books; the poetry center has Dr. Seuss rhymes to sequence; and to go along with the story of One Fish, Two Fish, I have constructed a fishing game to extend the word family activity for -ad and -ar.  One little fish cut outs, I have put sad, dad, mad, glad, etc. and I have put car, star, are, jar etc.  on the others.  The children "fish" them out of the tub and then sort them into buckets labeled -ad and -ar.  The fish have little stickers on the back that match the label on the buckets so the activity is self-checking.

  Fishing for -ad and -ar words
  Intervention and Extension: Fishing for -ad and -ar words
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One Fish, Two Fish, What to Do Fish?

Unit 6: Word Work Use with Dr. Seuss
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Objective: SWBAT recall and match words with like phonograms -ad and -ar. Student Objective: I can listen for and write words that rhyme with -ad and -ar.

Big Idea: Students can begin to take the sounds that they hear in a story and put them together to build word families.

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