Reflection: Rigor Comparing Futures with Film Day 3/3 - Section 2: Finish film/Free-Write and Discussion


I will definitely use this film with Ready Player One again next year, perhaps even for an essay prompt, or to more substantially address argument techniques.   I liked how many students talked insightfully about the different approaches and nuanced differences in arguments for each story.  For example, one student wrote “although both the film and Ready Player One portray an excessive reliance on technology which keeps us from feeling true feelings like love and happiness, the movie shows more of how our eyes are open, but we are not seeing.  The film shows a closer extension of our present and implies that many people are headed in the direction of leaving human relationships as something of the past.”  I love the nuance this student recognizes in the second sentence—“the closer extension of our present” the film represents—in analyzing the two stories.  This quote is similar in content to many of the students' responses--they were extremely thoughful, and see how the very different approaches to this topic of technology draw us to similar conclusions, but from different perspectives (another student noted that Ready Player One takes place mostly in the virtual world, while the film is in the physical world).  This is the first time I’ve worked with either of these stories, and in both cases the thing I’ve been surprised about the most is how thoughtful these teenagers are in thinking about the role technology has on their relationships.   There is so much said in media about how teens are in love with their phones and there is nothing to be done—my experience in this unit suggests that they, in fact, are very receptive to thoughtful discourse about this topic, and in fact recognize some of the dangers—they just need to be brought into the conversation in a thoughtful way that allows them to come to these conclusions on their own.

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Comparing Futures with Film Day 3/3

Unit 8: Thematic Unit: Popular Culture
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Objective: SWBAT compare the central arguments of how technology will influence people in the future by comparing the central ideas of a futuristic film and novel

Big Idea: The varied arguments about the influence of the virtual world seem to all have a central concern: our relationships with each other.

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