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Most of our discussion today was about one particular scene where the operating system hires a “surrogate” to act as the physical representation of her for intimacy.  It is a bizarre scene that the students were all talking about when we stopped, so I posited the question of what it shows about the desperation and obsession of humans to be in an emotionally intimate relationship someone (referring to the woman who acts as the surrogate), and to consider, for example, the theme of 90% of pop songs.  Posing this question moved the conversation from seeing that scene as kind of shocking to seeing it as something that is more realistic of the emotions people have, and how this movie really is not only about the relationship of technology to humans, but one about humans and relationships, period.  We didn’t have a lot of time to explore this because of time, but it set a stronger analytical tone for tomorrow.  Because of the students response to the film, tomorrow I will have them do some free-writing after the film to gather some thoughts and set a more academic, rigorous tone for discussion, since they have been primed for that today.

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Comparing Futures with Film Day 2/3

Unit 8: Thematic Unit: Popular Culture
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Objective: SWBAT compare the central arguments of how technology will influence people in the future by comparing the central ideas of a futuristic film and novel

Big Idea: The varied arguments about the influence of the virtual world seem to all have a central concern: our relationships with each other.

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Applied Arts, Reading, English / Language Arts, Nonfiction (Reading), rhetorical analysis, comparing ideas, film analysis
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