Reflection: Student Ownership Comparing Futures with Film Day 1/3 - Section 3: Film Analysis


Surprisingly, they really like this film!  I was a little nervous about the “sex” scenes (it is a rated R movie, but gives the film a 15 year old rating—there isn’t anything that visually explicit, but the class does have to have a strong level of maturity to handle a few of the scenes), but it was actually kind of amusing to see the students squirm during the one they saw today—it was refreshing to see their innocence!!!   The fact that there isn’t a lot of action, and the story is of a man dealing with a divorce and falling in love with an operating system while exploring rather complex issues of relationships, the students were nevertheless riveted, and very thoughtful in their responses.   Without my prompting, they kind of picked up the discussion from Ready Player One regarding the loneliness virtual reality perpetuates while seeming to alleviate.   In the discussion, though, I just let them talk about some of the scenes conversationally—we’ve set up a class structure where they fall into a class-wide discourse, and I think it is important to respect their immediate responses and let them explore those organically before facilitating.  I have to say, I’m really looking forward to finishing the film—I had planned on this being a low-key couple of days as students transition, but given their responses, I will have to consider some more substantial work with this film next time I teach the course!


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Comparing Futures with Film Day 1/3

Unit 8: Thematic Unit: Popular Culture
Lesson 14 of 16

Objective: SWBAT compare the central arguments of how technology will influence people in the future by comparing the central ideas of a futuristic film and novel

Big Idea: The varied arguments about the influence of the virtual world seem to all have a central concern: our relationships with each other.

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