Reflection: Joy Making M&M Treats Part II - Section 3: Student Practice


Learning how to solve long division problems can certainly be a grueling process for students. Memorizing the steps, keeping the numbers straight, lining up digits, and recalling facts can all be a bit overwhelming. When I look back, I'm glad that I took the time to make this lesson a light-hearted experience by including the music video and skit. I want to make sure that joy is a part of math every day. 

Throughout the lesson, I also tried to provide a lot of reassurance in order to encourage positive feelings toward long division: Providing Positive

  Joy: Reflection
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Making M&M Treats Part II

Unit 7: Multi-Digit Division
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve division problems with 3-digit and 4-digit dividends.

Big Idea: Students will create a music video and solve division problems by dividing M&Ms and using the standard algorithm.

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Math, long division, problem solving, Song
  100 minutes
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