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In the past, I was not a huge fan of group work or group discussion.  This is true mostly because my experience with groups was that one student did the work while the rest of the group took what I like to call an "in class field trip." They were not engaged with what the group leader was doing for the group and they new the group leader would do it for them.  So what changed?  I think it was to do with a few things that now do differently.  The first is that I usually establish roles for each person in the group so they each have a responsibility they must fulfill in the group.  Although I did not do that for this task, the students are so used to needed to contribute to the group that they do it automatically at this point of the year.  (We are in the 4th quarter.)  Another difference I see is in the curriculum.  We are asking the students to analyze, discover, interpret, and find meaning for themselves with a text.  The students truly amaze me at the level of discussion they are capable of.  Not only do I enjoy groups more, but the students seem to enjoy them more as well.  

  Meaningful Group Discussion
  High Quality Task: Meaningful Group Discussion
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The Whipping Boy - Developing Independent Readers

Unit 14: The Whipping Boy
Lesson 13 of 18

Objective: SWBAT read a complex text independently by applying comprehension strategies learned to aide in understanding the piece.

Big Idea: The students will practice applying the comprehension strategies we have learned about in this unit as they read complex texts independently.

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