Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Making M&M Treats Part I - Section 3: Student Partner Practice


Looking back on the Asking, "Are you sure?" video taken during this lesson, I am reminded of how powerful the question "Are you sure?" can be when conferencing with students. I'll ask this question when students are both correct or incorrect. Here's why:

  • This question inevitably helps me see how confident students are with the mathematical content and skills being taught. Does the student begin to erase their answer even if it is correct? Or does the student confidently "stand behind" their work? 
  • This question allows my students to explain their thinking to me. I love listening to one of the students in the video explain, "You can't count by 4s and land on 22. You would land on 20 and then 24, skipping right over 22." 
  • This question encourages mathematical discourse between students. If I had simply asked the two boys this question in the video and then walked off, the students would have engaged in a powerful conversation, justifying their thinking to one another, which supports Math Practice 3. 

  Discourse and Questioning: Asking "Are you sure?"
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Making M&M Treats Part I

Unit 7: Multi-Digit Division
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT solve division problems with 3-digit and 4-digit dividends.

Big Idea: Students solve division problems with 3-digit and 4-digit dividends by dividing M&Ms and using the standard algorithm.

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Math, long division, standard aglorithm
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