Reflection: Gradual Release Centimeters and Inches - Section 2: Independent Practice


By letting students look at their own measurement work and compare the findings in inches and centimeters, they were able to discover that a measurement in inches will always have a smaller number than a measurement in centimeters because centimeters are smaller than inches. I was so excited when students were able to verbalize this discovery without me having to tell them. 

Whenever possible let students figure it out on their own. Students remember so much more when they discover it, than when we tell them. If I can turn things into a student led discovery, I know I am supporting my student's learning in a way that is so much more meaningful than my just telling them. 

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Centimeters and Inches

Unit 14: Length
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate an understanding that centimeters are smaller than inches.

Big Idea: How do we understand the difference between inches and centimeters? Why does measuring a given object in centimeters always give a bigger number than measuring the same object in inches?

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