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I asked students to predict how long the classroom rug was. I recorded our predictions and we looked at the most common guess. Next I asked students how we would figure it out. Several students suggested using their hands to be about a foot and then moving across the rug. The suggestion of using hands tells me that students still do not have a solid understanding of standard measurements and the need for precision in measurement (MP6).

Another student suggested using a ruler but when I asked him to show me how he would use a 12 inch ruler to measure such a distance (9 feet), the child showed how he would use the ruler and then move it along and read it again. He did not show that he would mark the end of the ruler before moving it to a new position. He is showing that he is not clear on how to use a ruler to accurately measure lengths greater than 1 foot ( to use tools appropriately (MP5).

Both students had some idea about measurement, but showed some misunderstanding about when and how to measure with precision.

The discussion helped me to realize that before letting students work independently in centers, I needed to reinforce the difference between estimation and precise measurement as well as how to use a ruler to measure greater lengths with precision (MP6).

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Bigger Than A Foot

Unit 14: Length
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT measure distances larger than a foot and translate the amount into inches.

Big Idea: Students need to go beyond memorizing 12 inches in a foot by using that information in measuring larger objects.

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