Reflection: High Quality Task Mapping Stories with Patricia Polacco: Interactive Student Notebook Right Side Activity - Section 1: Right Side Introduction


So, I was trying to provide scaffolding and differentiation in this lesson, but all I did was create drama!!  Many of the students who were doing story maps decided that they wanted to do what the higher readers were doing.  I let the groups switch that asked, but as I look back, I should have offered the choice up front to all of them.  

I want students to show their learning in the way or ways that best suit them, but sometimes that gets away from me as I'm trying to tier their learning based on what I think they need to challenge or support them.  In this case, it would not have mattered if the students completed the map or provided the excerpts.  They had the excerpt examples from the left side activity and it would have made them happier if they'd chosen on their own.

Lesson learned, Teacher, lesson learned!!!  If you believe in choice then give them choice whenever possible.  If given a chance, they might just surprise us!!

  Reflection: Should Have Let Them Choose
  High Quality Task: Reflection: Should Have Let Them Choose
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Mapping Stories with Patricia Polacco: Interactive Student Notebook Right Side Activity

Unit 23: Fantastic Fiction: Exploring the Elements of Fiction
Lesson 3 of 16

Objective: SWBAT work with a group to complete a story map for the story of their choice.

Big Idea: A deep understanding of the elements of fiction leads to better overall comprehension of fiction texts at all levels.

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English / Language Arts, Fiction (Reading), Patricia Polacco, story map, elements of fiction, Interactive Student Notebook
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