Reflection: Lesson Planning Checking on Subtraction - Section 2: NO FLIP SUBTRACTION


I was trying to find a hook to help students remember not to flip numbers when they subtract with 2-digit numbers. The students had been struggling with flipping the numbers when they are subtracting. I thought of someone flipping and created a poster of someone flipping and I told students No Flipping Allowed in subtraction. I made a subtraction problem flipping and put an x on that. The students thought it was funny and began chanting No Flipping Subtraction. 

When I demonstrated a problem and tried to flip the numbers the students all chanted, "No Flipping Subtraction." The children were chanting, but I also watched them work and I realized that they were using the rule as they worked. The hook was helping to get students to check their own work.

  Finding a Hook
  Lesson Planning: Finding a Hook
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Checking on Subtraction

Unit 11: The Numbers Are Getting Bigger
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use manipulatives and drawings to show subtraction of 2-digit numbers.

Big Idea: Students want to flip numbers to make subtraction easier. Work with manipulatives and drawings to understand why flipping doesn't make sense.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, subtraction, solve problems
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