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I have taught this lesson for several years, but this year I chose to teach it differently in light of the new common core standards.  One of the new, and different for me, things is the ticket out the door.  I am finding that it is a great way to find out what my students are thinking, and they like the individual attention I am giving them.  I usually do the ticket out the door activity at the end of each differentiated reading group time.

In today's ticket out the door activity I was curious which picture the students decided not to use and why.  Nearly all of them responded it was the picture of the bear hugging the mouse because in the story the bear hugged the boy.

Just a side note: all my students wanted a copy of the picture of the bear hugging the mouse to color because it was one of their favorites- even if it was rejected for the collaborative activity.





  Exit Ticket
  Exit Tickets: Exit Ticket
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Looking at the Setting

Unit 1: Events and Characters
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe why the setting is important to the story

Big Idea: Your students will take a closer look at why the setting is influential in this story.

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