Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Division with Models - Section 3: Independent Work


I pose much of our classwork as a problem that needs to be solved. I do this so that students have a purpose for completing the work, and also so that they understand that math is used to solve the problems we face.

Because my students have a better grasp of multiplication than division, I included problems that have picture models to help them see that these are the items they have, and they must figure out how to share or divide them equally into groups. It is important for me to emphasize with these picture models that the students are not getting any more of the item (ie: when you multiply) and the total amount they have to work with and share equally is shown in the picture. 

  Word Problems
  Problem-based Approaches: Word Problems
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Division with Models

Unit 16: Fun with Multiplying and Dividing
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Objective: SWBAT use a picture model to solve real world division problems around them.

Big Idea: Using picture models helps students solve division problems with accuracy.

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